Cognitive based conceptual learning with a twist of fun!

Personal Image
"Feel good about yourself."
"Believe in your strengths and build on it."
Time Management
"Do tasks with minimum stress."
Interpersonal Skills
"Thrive in a team, negotiate ... solve problems."
Communication Skills
"Develop harmonious relationships, personally and professionally."
Organizing Skills
"Increase your focus."
Presentation Skills
"Learn the art of presenting information clearly."
Goal Setting
"Set priorities and strategize your way to success."
Decision Making
"Chances are that the change you want to see, all weighs on the choice you are about to take."
"Know your spending and be in control."
 Upcoming Special Courses:

  • Preparing for University Life: March 25, 2017
  • Choosing a Career Path : April 1, 2017
About Us
Tatweer is a market leader in providing managements system and soft skills courses to the professional world since 1997. We are now bringing the same level of training for your teenage child.
What is the
Life Skills Workshop?

Life Skills Workshop, is a unique workshop project, that is first of its kind in Abu Dhabi.

This workshop for teenagers envisions, preparedness and skills enhancement for future university and career paths.

The workshop being offered during school breaks allows parents to invest in fun and learning activity that can guarantee positive and significant changes for their teenage child.


Through the Life Skills Workshop, you can expect more activities, creative thinking sessions and out-of-the-box learning opportunities for kids and teens.

When will be the next 
Life Skills workshop?

Life Skills workshop will commence by 
March 25, 2017

What are the upcoming courses?

Click the image to download Life Skills Spring break workshop courses.

How do I register?
Simply fill-out the online registration form.

Where can I send
my enquiries? 

We'd be happy to get in touch with you. Send us an email through:

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